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If you love Amber jewelry, then you have arrived at the right store. JeGem offers a largest collections of Amber jewelry including Amber Bracelets, Amber Necklaces, Amber Belt Buckles, Amber Rings, Amber Earrings, and Amber Pendants from the finest Artists. We also feature Baltic Amber, Tibetan Yellow Amber, Polish Amber, Green Amber, Honey Amber and otherrare ambers. You will also find the widest range of designs, including intricate filigree works, hand cut silverworks, deep carvings and engravings. Most were crafted from heavy gauge sterling silver. Some pieces have open-back deisgn, while some have silver backings. Enjoy the most spectacular Amber jewelry at JeGem online store. JeGem gaurantee to bring you the best genuine natural and most gorgeous, top quality Amber jewelry at the best prices.

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Amber Lore

Amber gemstones are a fossil of pine trees that are millions of years old, not created by man, only by nature . Amber gemstones are more than fifty million years old, which is one of the reasons why Amber gems are so unique and special.

Amber deposits are found in various countries. It is important to realize that trees are three to five million years old are not yet Amber gemstones, it takes many more years for the fossils to be turned to a brilliant gemstone. Amber gemstones that contain an insect in the stone are the highest price and most rare specimens of Amber.

 Amber gemstones will range in color from a deep dark brown to an orange color, and still others are a clear yellow coloring. Each piece of Amber gem is a bit different from the next with no two colors exactly matching but they can be very similar looking.

Amber is the birthstone for the astrological sign Taurus .

Amber lore tells us that the wearer of this stone will have a pure body, and that their digestive and the endocrine systems (your thyroids) are going to work properly and better when you are the wearer jewelry of Amber.

Amber lore also reveals that the wearer of this ring will not suffer from fatigue or overly stressful times in their life. Amber is known to fight depression and to give you additional mental energy to face life's tasks.

The lore of Amber is thought to be true as it does have a magnetic property that backs this train of thought for those who wear this stone.

Amber is known as a stone of the sun because it is found in so many wide-ranging colors as the sun can produce so many colors as well.

Amber wearers believe in the lore, that Amber is the sun that is going to warm your heart and mind keeping your body safe from colds and flu problems, as it is a colorful and unique gemstone.


Amber healing power

Orange / brown. Petrified tree resin. Sacred to American Indians. Electro magnetic properties. Reputed to have the ability to draw disease from the body. It absorbs negative energy so it needs cleansing regularly. Acts through the solar plexus chakra. It also calms nerves, gives confidence, regain memory loss, eccentric behavior, anxiety, inability to make decisions, thyroid, inner ear & neuro-tissue strengthener, activates altruistic nature and realization of the spiritual intellect.


JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Amber Jewelry

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Amber Jewelry

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Amber Jewelry


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