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Experience the most beautiful sterling silver Turquoise Earring at

You can find the widest collections of turquoise earrings at Our jewelry were "true handcrafted" by the finest artists. No matter you like expressive Chandelier earrings, or dangling style, you will find the best pieces in our store.

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Ancient and yet always at the height of current fashion: that is Turquoise for you. Its brilliant sky-blue belongs to the all-time favourite trend colours in the world of fashion and jewellery.

In many cultures of the Old and New World this gemstone has for thousands of years been appreciated as a holy stone, a good-luck-charm or a talisman. It is a virtual "peoples' gemstone”. The oldest proof for this lies in Egypt, where in tombs from the period around 3000 B.C. there were found artefacts set with Turquoise. In the ancient Persian Kingdom the sky-blue gemstones were originally worn around the neck or on the hand as protection to ward off unnatural death. If the stones changed their colour, there was an imminent danger for the wearer. However, in the meantime it has been uncovered that Turquoises may in fact change their colour, but this reaction is not necessarily an indication of danger impending. The reason for the colour change is rather the influence of light, cosmetic products, dust or even the ph-value of the skin, which may all trigger off chemical responses.

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Turquoise Earring

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Turquoise Earring




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