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Turquoise Belt Buckle

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Turquoise Belt Buckle

You can find the widest collections of sterling silver turquoise belt buckles at Every single piece of our jewelry was "true handcrafted" by the most talented artists and set with the most gorgeous, rarest turquoises available. Please feel free to shop around, we are sure you will be amazed by the beauty our turquoise jewelry.

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More About Turquoise

Turquoise is the birthstone of December & the anniversary gemstone for the 11th year of marriage.

Turquoise, or the robin's egg blue gemstone worn by Pharaohs and Aztec Kings, is probably one of the oldest gemstones known. Yet, only its prized blue color, a color so distinctive that its name is used to describe any color that resembles it, results in its being used as a gemstone.

Turquoise has been, since about 200 B.C., extensively used by both southwestern U.S Native Americans and by many of the Indian tribes in Mexico. The Native American Jewelry or "Indian style" jewelry with turquoise mounted in or with silver is relatively new. Some believe this style of Jewelry was unknown prior to about 1880, when a white trader persuaded a Navajo craftsman to make turquoise and silver jewelry using coin silver. Prior to this time, the Native Americans had made solid turquoise beads, carvings, and inlaid mosaics.

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Turquoise Belt Buckle

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Turquoise Belt Buckle




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