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Red Coral lovers, you have arrived at the Paradise of Coral Lovers. Be prepared to be amazed by the most remarkable collection of Red Coral Rings you have ever seen. All our pieces were "true handmade" by the finest master artists. The gorgeous genuine Red Coral set in our jewelry were hand-cut as well. Most were cut with Fancy Cuts, Cabochon Cuts, Fancy Cuts and also Free Form Cuts. You will also find rare huge size Red Coral ring and Tibetan Antique Red Coral ring in our store, gems that are not available elsewhere. The Red Coral rings in our collections are in the same caliber as those famous designer brands, such as David Yurman and John Hardy, but we offer our pieces at much lower prices. Prices that you can easily afford. In fact, we are perhaps the only store that carry huge size, genuine red corals.

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What are Corals?

Corals are produced by tiniest life forms, which settled in the depths of warm seas in vast colonies, long before our time. The Coral cnidarian is covered by a fleshy skin and secretes a calcareous substance, from which there are built the branchlike structures of the of the Coral stems. They can grow up to 40 cm in height, the thickness of the branches, however, hardly ever amounts to more than four cm. Only at the forks the structures are a little thicker. And from these parts the valuable raw material is gained which will then be turned into pieces of jewellery, large Coral balls or carved objects.

The fragile Coral trees are traditionally brought to the light of day from the depths of seas by means of dragnets. Since first class Coral, however, has become rather rare, today a more environment conscious approach is generally applied and divers will collect the fragile Coral branches. In the next step, the pieces are cleaned, sorted, and treated with saws, files and drills. Coral is hardly ever cut like other gemstones.

When unfinished, Coral appears dull and matted. Only after polishing it receives its beautiful gloss. Often Coral is porous, sometimes with fissures and thus of lower quality. To some extent, such qualities can be improved by application of coloured wax, which enhances the optical impression. Good quality Coral shows an even colouring and has no fissures, spots, bands or cavities. Since genuine untreated Coral is rare, the price it achieves is quite high. Therefore any bargain should be met with distrust. Top quality Coral jewellery is best bought in a well-reputed shop.

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Ring

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Ring


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