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Enjoy the splendid sterling silver Red Coral Pendant at

Fall in love with the extraordinary sterling silver Red Coral pendants at In fact, the Red Coral gemstones that we carry are much larger than those that are sold in other stores. We just love the beauty of huge, rare, rough cut or cabochon cut Red Corals and antique Corals. All our Red Coral pendants were "true handcrafted" by the finest artists. No matter if you love fine filigree silverworks or intricate hand cut silverworks, you will find the finest Red Coral pendant in our online store. Enjoy the beauty of JeGem's Red Coral jewelry.

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About Corals

When talking about Coral, the Coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean or of Australia are the first images which come to mind – reefs, banks, atolls which are some of Nature's most impressive miracles of beauty. But it is not these protected kinds of Coral which we are taking a closer look at here. For jewellery purposes, only Corals of the species e.g. “Corallium rubrum“ or “Corallium japonicum“ are being used.

Like pearls, Corals also belong to the organic jewellery material. It is an interesting phenomenon indeed that both are products of the element water, and are in fact chemically related. Both consist of over 90% carbonic lime. It is a virtual miracle that Nature manages use the same dull material to create fiery red Coral and to let grow beautiful pearls.

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Pendant

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Pendant


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