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Enjoy spectacular sterling silver Red Coral Necklace at

JeGem features the most spectacular Red Coral necklace available on the internet. Our collections features Red Corals set in sterling silver, as well as beaded Red Corals. In fact, our Red Coral necklace are in the same caliber as famous designer brands, such as David Yurman or John Hardy, but we offer our pieces at a small fraction of their prices. In fact, we are probably the only store that offer genuine red corals and orange-red corals that are not color enhanced.

With no doubt, you can find the widest jewelry collections of sterling silver Red Coral Necklace at All our jewelry were "true handcrafted" by the finest artists and set with the most gorgeous, rarest Red Coral available. You will also find some very hard-to-find hand-cut Huge Size Red Coral, and Tibetan Old and Antique Red Coral in our Coral necklace collection. Please feel free to shop around our store, we are sure you will be very happy with our Red Coral jewelry.

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More About Red Coral

Coral makes jewellery of a very special fascinating charm: the perfect embodiment of mankind's yearning for summer, sun and faraway seas.

The name as such, however, is still puzzling to linguists. Some are convinced that the Greek word „koraillon“ is the root, as this signifies the hard and calcareous skeleton of the Coral animal. Another possible source is “kura-halos”, meaning “mermaid”, and after all, the fine Coral branches sometimes remind us of the shape of people. Other experts favour the theory that the word comes from Hebrew, “goral”, the name for the stones used to cast an oracle, and in fact the Coral branches were used for casting oracles in former times in Palestine, Asia Minor and the around the Mediterranean.

Corals live in depths between three to three thousand metres in the seas around Japan, Taiwan and the Malayan Archipelago, in the Red Sea, the Biscayan Gulf and around the Canary Islands, but also in north-eastern Australia and off the Midway Islands. In the Mediterranean there are Coral reefs all around the Tyrrhenian Sea, along the coastline of Sardinia and also off the shores of Tunisia and Algeria, Yugoslavia and Turkey.


Colourful and sensitive world of Coral

Corals need not necessarily be red, although the name „Coral“ denotes a pinkish-red colour. Nature creates Coral in a wide range of shades and hues from red and white and blue to brown and black. Most coveted are the red shades, ranging from palest petal pink via salmon to deep velvety red. The height of fashion are currently black Coral and golden Coral, and extremely rare the blue variant. Especially valuable is also the white Coral with a slight blush of pink, the so-called “Angelskin Coral”. Other famous specimen are the deeply satiated red Japanese “Moro Coral”, pale pink “Boke” and the red “Sardena”.

Corals are not too sensitive, but with their hardness of only 3.5 they are considerably softer than any other gemstone material. Their beauty will suffer from inappropriate treatment. Cosmetic products, hot water and bright daylight are detrimental to their beauty. Coral jewellery should be carefully stored and be cleaned from time to time with a soft, wet cloth. Should the surface be scratched in spite of all care, a jeweller will be able to polish it up.

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Necklace

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Necklace


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