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Experience the most beautiful sterling silver Red Coral Earring at

Express yourself with the most stunning Red Coral earrings at JeGem. We also carry the widest range of Red Corals, including orange-red Corals, Tibetan Old and Antique Corals and giant size dyed Red Corals. Our Red Coral earrings were "true handcrafted" by the finest artists and the corals are perfectly matched. No matter you like expressive Chandelier earring, or dangling style, you will find the best pieces in our store. Also available are Stud and Clip Red Coral earrings. In single stone or multi stones as well. Look extremely stunning with JeGem's Red Coral earrings!

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More About Red Coral Gem

When you say the word coral, most people think of the coral reefs in the South Pacific like the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. However, these coral reefs are formed by a different species than the coral traditionally used in jewelry Corallium rubrum and Corallium japonicum.

Attractive lightweights: Root and Foam Coral

Lighter in weight and less expensive than the Fine Coral are Root and Foam Coral. Root Corals are in fact a special Coral species – no root as such, but rather a special Coral bush. It is sometimes mixed up with Foam Coral. The latter, however, are those parts of Japanese Moro Coral which are embedded in sand or mud, and which are that part in-between the Coral foot and the Coral stem. This Foam Coral has been in the market for a long time, has a higher weight than Root Coral and is also somewhat higher priced. Both kinds are supplied in large quantities by China and Japan. Because of their size and relatively low weight they are popular wherever colour and volume are in demand at low prices.

Coral on the bare skin – irresistible

For ages now Coral has been used as jewellery and worshipped as a protective charm. Nowadays Coral is still used as a talisman in many cultures in order to ward off evil spirits. The modern teachings of healing with gemstones appreciate Coral for its positive effects. Coral is reported to soothe fears and tensions, and to encourage positive ways of living together.

The ancient belief in the protective and invigorating powers of Coral lives on in the traditional present of red Coral necklaces for small children. For young girls, Coral is also a popular choice as first piece of jewellery. But Coral is more than this: In a miraculous way it reflects the complexion of its wearer, and best displays its irresistible beauty when worn on the bare skin. Coral belongs to the most attractive of jewellery materials that can be imagined, and keeps on inspiring international jewellery designers to develop charming and unique designs.

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Earring

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Red Coral Earring


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