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Experience the most dazzling sterling silver Moonstone Ring at

Be prepared to be stunned by the most amazing collection of Moonstone Rings you have ever seen. All our pieces were "true handcrafted" by the finest artists. The Moonstone set in our jewelry were hand-cut as well. Most were cut with extremely dazzling Brilliant Cuts, Checkerboard Cuts, Fancy Cuts, Cabochon Cuts, Fancy Cuts and also Free Form Cuts. The Moonstone rings in our collections are in the same caliber as those famous designer brands, such as David Yurman and John Hardy, but we offer our pieces at much better prices. Prices that you can easily afford. You will also find rare huge size Blue Moonstone ring and Rainbow Moonstone ring in our store, gems that are not available elsewhere.

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More About Moonstone

The classical, bluish and almost transparent Moonstones traditionally came from Sri Lanka. But they are also found in the USA, in Brasil, Australia, Myanmar, and Madagascar. Since blue Moonstones in fine qualities have become more and more scarce in recent time, the prices have increased accordingly.

For some years now also green, blue and peach or smoke and champagne coloured, black and reddish specimen have been offered, which come mainly from India. Some of these show not only the typical the typical floating play of light, but also a cat's eye or a multi-rayed star. These stones, then, are not only cut as cabochons, but also cut as intricate cameos, sometimes engraved as children's -, moon - or gargoyle face. They also show the play of light which is so typical for Moonstone, just like the spheres and beads made from suitable raw material to be crafted into fine necklaces.

Where does the striking play of light come from?

The light of a Moonstone is something special indeed in the fascinating world of gemstones. Experts call this phenomenon "adularescence". The origin of this phenomenon is the interior structure of the gemstone in scales or lamellas. Incoming rays of light are refracted inside the stone and scattered. In this way, then, there is created a unique play of light, which makes Moonstone so special and coveted.

This beautiful gemstone, however, has a considerable drawback: it only achieves a hardness of merely six on the Mohs' scale. Moonstones should thus be handled carefully, as they are very fragile. On the other hand, small damages which will arise after longer periods of being worn, can be corrected relatively easily. A jeweller can have a dulled Moonstone polished in such a way, that it will regain its mystical light like on the first day.



JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring


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