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Experience the most beautiful sterling silver Moonstone Earring at

Express yourself with the most stunning Moonstone earrings at JeGem. Our moonstone earrings were "true handcrafted" by the finest artists. No matter you like expressive Chandelier earring, or dangling style, you will find the best pieces in our store. Also available are Stud and Clip moonstone earring. In single stone or multi stones as well. Look stunning with JeGem's moonstone earrings.

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Moonstone shows an almost magical play of light as its characteristic feature. It owes its name to this mysterious gleaming which appears different whenever the stone changes its position in movement. Experts call this the "adularescence", and in earlier times the phases of waxing and waning moon were though to be discerned in this phenomenon.

Moonstone from Sri Lanka, the classical country of origin for Moonstone, shimmers pale blue on almost transparent ground. Specimen from India shoe cloudlike plays of light and shade on beige brown, green, orange or simple brown background. These subdued colours in combination with the fine shine make Moonstone an ideal gemstone for jewellery with a sensuous and feminine character. This gemstone was once before extremely popular, about a hundred years ago in the times of Art Nouveau. It used to decorate a striking amount of pieces of jewellery created by the famous French Master Goldsmith René Lalique and by his contemporaries. These pieces are usually only found in a museum or in collections nowadays.

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Moonstone Earring

JeGem Designer Sterling Silver Moonstone Earring


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