Jasper Jewelry
All types of jasper are good for protection and relaxation, but different kinds of jasper have different properties.

Ocean jasper is a very soothing stone and brings peace of mind; it is also a powerful stone for protection against the “evil eye”. Physically, it is beneficial to the digestive system and for removing toxins from the body.

Picture jasper encourages environmental awareness as well as creating improved visualization. A stone of stability and harmony, picture jasper is said to aid business success. In terms of its healing properties, it is also believed to help strengthen the immune system.

Imperial jasper is one of the twelve sacred stones denoted by the Imperial tribes of Israel; it thus symbolizes the first of the twelve gateways into heaven and provides protection to lessen fear and insecurity.

Red or snake skin jasper is a strong protection stone. It wards off negativity and brings joy into life. It is also said to help the immune system, detoxification and anti-inflammation.

Dalmatian jasper improves memory retention and develops psychic ability. Fancy jasper is used for treating depression or anything that is bothering you.