Garnet Jewelry
If you are loyal, devoted, and energetic, then garnet is the stone for you. If you have never owned a piece of garnet before, perhaps you should give it a try. Garnet is the stone of love and commitment. It signifies life-force, restores passion, controls anger, contributes to family happiness, and cheers friendships.

Red garnets are known to promote sincerity while dispelling anger and discord. Medicinally, it can cure inflammatory diseases and stop hemorrhaging, as well as other loss of blood.

Garnet is also believed to protect people from hopeless situations, injury, and poisons. When you are feeling down, the vibrant energy of garnet helps you by bringing hope and courage. Folk lore tells how Noah used a glowing garnet to safely steer his Ark through the darkness of the night. Garnet is also the honored birthstone of January.