Sunstone Jewelry
Believed in some cultures to be a piece of the sun, sunstone is a glorious, light inspiring gemstone which instills feelings of joie de vivre. Always linked to luck and good fortune, sunstone is also said to bring warmth, openness, clear vision, creativity, leadership and ability, as well as promoting a positive attitude, cheerfulness and a sunny disposition.

In ancient Greece, sunstone was used to represent the Sun God, Helios (also known as Apollo). Lore also said that Pope Clement VII was in possession of a piece of sunstone which held within it a glowing spot, one that would actually move across the surfaces of the stone from the east to west in conjunction with the sun.

Therapeutically, sunstone jewelry is believed to treat chronic sore throats and reduce stomach tension as well as easing cartilage and spinal problems. Find your own favorite piece from our selections of bright and illuminating sunstone jewelry, and take the blessing of the sun with you wherever you go!