Rose Quartz Jewelry
Known as the Stone of Gentle Love as well as the Stone of Unconditional Love, rose quartz is the gemstone for the heart. Think of pink as the color of love, romance, and gentle feelings; think of rose quartz jewelry. It possesses a soft feminine energy that is very good for balancing emotions and creating harmony.

It is said that people who wish to attract love into their lives should carry or wear a piece of rose quartz jewelry, because it helps to develop our ability for unconditional self-appreciation and self-love.

Rose quartz jewelry is also said to heal both the inner self and the physical body. In hard times of grieving or challenges with your health, rose quartz can be your healing angel and help you through your difficulties. She will comfort your body, heart and soul with her loving and gentle touch, supporting you with hope and perseverance. In these stressful times, we all could use some rose quartz in our life.