Pearl Jewelry
Pearl jewelry symbolizes beauty and purity, and the spherical shape of pearls represents completeness, the whole, and perfection in itself. Thus pearls make the most popular and cherished bridal jewelry and gifts for wedding anniversaries.

The legends surrounding pearls are as wondrous as the beauty of the pearls themselves. Ancient Roman writers exalted pearls as the “dews of heaven” that would tumble into the sea. Just like these shimmery gems, Venus, the Goddess of Love, was also born in a shell beneath the sea. Egyptian royalty as well as the knights of the crusades gifted precious pearl jewelry to their loved ones to show their feelings.

Long known as the “Queen of Gems”, pearls are also recognized for their medicinal values. Their healing properties are used for relaxation, soothing emotion, creating beauty and harmony from discord, and curing eye ailments. Pearls are also the birthstone for June, but pearls are surely one treasure that everyone can enjoy at any time.