Moonstone Jewelry
Moonstone jewelry represents all the goddesses. The Greek name of moonstone is “selenite”, relating to the Greek goddess of the moon, Selena. The High Priestess in the second of the Major Arcana cards in most tarot decks wore a piece of moonstone.

The power of moonstone jewelry lies in its gentleness, and its ability to protect and reconcile lovers, bring good fortune, inner growth and strength. Ancient Romans believed moonstone jewelry was formed from captured moonlight that could arouse tender feelings and make people fall in love. Other beliefs stated that this lucid jewelry could open the heart of any man or woman and create harmony for a loving relationship. These virtues make moonstone a lovers' stone - evoking true romance and passion.

As with the moon, moonstone is about cycles, which is why many people wear moonstone jewelry for rebirth and new beginnings. The gentle energy of moonstone jewelry has also been used to soothe stress, help digestive and female reproductive systems, and protect against sun stroke.