Lapis Lazuli Jewelry
With its mysterious deep blue shades, lapis lazuli has transcended time and space to mesmerize cultures across the world throughout history. Known as the “Wisdom Stone”, lapis lazuli jewelry has long been a symbol of knowledge, awareness and universal truth. In the ancient world, the high priests of Egypt wore lapis lazuli amulets adorned with images of Mat to symbolize that the goddess of truth was around them. For Buddhist aesthetics, the deep blue hue of lapis lazuli illustrates the Buddha of Medicine, who is also called the Blue Buddha.

Lapis lazuli jewelry is also associated with Inanna, the paramount Sumerian goddess of erotic love and fertility, who is said to be a beautiful energized woman richly adorned in jewels of lapis lazuli. In the myth, the goddess made a gem elixir of lapis lazuli to heal and revive Utu, the Sun God and also her brother/lover.

Therapeutically, lapis lazuli is thought to help cure insomnia, depression and disorders of the throat and immune system. It promotes creativity, and reminds us to regain the power over ourselves by finding ways to improve our self esteem and discover the beauty within.