Healing Crystal Jewelry
Healing crystal jewelry has long been said to be a pure and powerful energy source which receives, signifies, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies the energy of the universe.

Some myths tell that Atlanteans and Mayans used healing crystal jewelry not only in physical healing but also in spiritual rituals. Clear crystal healing jewelry is thought to be able to act as a medium or a gateway to a trancelike or altered state whose invisible realms could be perceived and entered with the assistance of this magical portal.

Many wearers have also proven that healing crystal jewelry is excellent for meditation, for talismans and for prophesy. Wearing or carrying a handcrafted crystal can dispel all the negativity in the work place and home. It contains the energies of the universe that harmonize and align our body and mind. In our hectic modern world, everyone should have healing crystal jewelry for daily enlightenment.