Agate Jewelry
With its diverse range of benefits and healing properties, agate jewelry can fulfill everyone's therapeutic desire. It was highly valued by ancient civilizations for its talismanic virtues and was even said to render the wearer invisible from the evil eye. Agate jewelry has cooling powers to reduce fever, relieve thirst, and soothe the stomach. It is a symbol of protection, health and longevity.

Blue lace agate jewelry can assist its wearer in inner attunement; it is considered a stone of communication, creativity and self-expression. Moss agate jewelry and picture agate jewelry create a very strong connection with Mother Earth’s energies to help those who suffer from high blood sugar and bring emotions into equilibrium. Fire agate jewelry represents the Earth and the Fire elements. It is said to be a master healer in meditation, able to inspire inner power and knowledge through natural connections, and enhance all essences.

There are other popular types of agate jewelry as well. It is certainly fun to choose your favorite agate jewelry and discover its special healing effect. Agate is also the gemstone for the 14th wedding anniversary.