Prehnite Jewelry
Also known as “Grape Jade”, prehnite often appears in pale green and has a distinct pearlescent (mother-of-pearl) effect. It is a volcanic silicate crystal that can be found in cavities in basaltic rocks. Prehinite is named after its discoverer, the Dutch colonel and mineralogist H.van Prehn, who in 1774 bought it from the Cape of Good Hope and introduced it to Europe.

Myth says that prehnite is a very protective stone which stimulates and strengthens one's energy. It is also said to be a stone of prophesy which enhances inner knowledge. Physically, prehnite aids in the healing of gout, anemia and kidney problems.

JeGem has a range of high grade prehnite jewelry with transparent, clear and vivid green hues. As one characteristic of prehnite is its green glow, you will find it looks even more beautiful in real life.