Jade Jewelry
Jade is a name that for many years has been applied to two different gems – Jadeite and Nephrite. Although they have different mineral compositions, they resemble each other – both being an usually translucent light-green and very hard to carve. Both jadeite and nephrite jades have long been treasured as ornaments and jewelry in the Far East, especially in China. The Chinese word for jade, Yu, not only refers to the gem, but also means “precious”, “pure”, “noble” as well as “virtuous”.

Due to its great hardness, carving jade requires immense patience – even with modern machinery equipped with diamond-tipped burrs, it is still very labor-intensive. Thus, carved jade jewelry has been designated only for royalty and eventually became a symbol of wealth, status and prestige.

At JeGem, you can find an array of high quality jade jewelry with excellent carving and polish work. Aside from a variety of green shades, we also offer pieces of authentic white, yellow, and even lavender jade jewelry at great prices.