Obsidian Jewelry
Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, a result of hot volcanic lava cooling rapidly when it flows into a lake or ocean. This process gives obsidian its sleek glassy texture. According to Pliny the Elder, obsidian was first discovered in Ethiopia by a man called Obsius, after whom the rock took its name.

Because of its brilliant polished surface, obsidian was used by Mexicans for making images of their god Tezcatlipoca and for polishing into mirrors used to divine the future. It has also been found in Egypt, fashioned into masks.

Choose from JeGem's obsidian jewelry selections where you can find gorgeous snowflake obsidian featuring white snowflakes mingled with a midnight black crystal background, or golden green glass obsidian from Mexico with a strong iridescence from within. Combined with exquisite craftsmanship, our high quality obsidian is used to make amazing jewelry that will surely make a bold and stylish statement for you.