Aventurine Jewelry
A charming member of the quartz family, aventurine is famous for its bright shades of green. In fact, it also occurs in yellow, reddish brown and orange shades. Aventurine showcases a glistening iridescence, caused by the presence of bits of mica and other inclusions within.

The name of aventurine is derived from the Italian “per aventura”, meaning “by chance”. Aventurine is actually considered a stone of luck that is often carried or worn to bring good fortune and wealth. It is also said to be a good healing stone to sooth and calm emotions.

JeGem has a range of exceptional quality aventurine jewelry selections. Our aventurine stones display very good color with attractive streaks of mica inclusions, radiating a fine glow around the edges that makes the stones appear to come alive. Attractive yet offered at affordable prices, our aventurine jewelry will make a wonderful addition to your collection.