Sunstone Jewelry
With millions of reddish golden glitters, sunstone jewelry exudes a brilliant sunny glow from within. This self-illuminating effect called ‘schiller’ is caused by the presence of the microscopic minerals in each stone that were captured as it was formed and crystallized in ancient volcanic lava flows. Because its appearance is like that of aventurine, sunstone is also known as aventurine feldspar. Glorious sunstone is the state gemstone of Oregon.

JeGem takes great pride in offering you the most exquisite handcrafted sunstone jewelry at surprisingly affordable prices. The sunstones that we select for our jewelry have such a potent schiller that they appear to glow even when viewed by starlight!

Therapeutically, sunstone jewelry is believed to bring good fortune and encourage confidence. It is also said to treat chronic sore throats, reduce stomach tension as well as easing cartilage and spinal problems.