Murano Glass Jewelry
Murano glass is the name given to the stunning glasswork from Murano, an island located off the shore of Venice, Italy, and a world-renowned center for glass making. The glassmakers of Murano have a long and proud tradition, having at one time been the only people in Europe who knew how to make a mirror. They also developed new techniques on glass making and introduced fashions that have culminated in the beautiful designs we see today.

At JeGem, we work directly with artisans from Murano, Italy to bring you the wonderful artisan jewelry rooted in history and testimony to the skill developed over many generations. Every piece of our Murano jewelry is handcrafted with passion and hard work using a glass-blowing technique that has made Murano glass makers world-famous.

Elegant yet sophisticated, Murano glass jewels make a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection.