Labradorite Jewelry
With its amazing flashing display of blue, green, yellow and pink, labradorite jewelry captures and reflects light and colors with all the beauty of the breathtaking Northern Lights. "Labradorescence" is the term jewelers and geologists have given to this remarkable phenomenon.

Before being cut, labradorite has the appearance of a dirty gray stone. However, when it is skillfully cut, the gem changes tremendously to display a metallic luster and a beautiful sheen that is as captivating as the wings of tropical Blue Morpho or Cattleheart butterflies. Labradorite is sometimes called the “black moonstone” because of its gray-black base and mystical iridescence.

When fine handcrafted work is combined with such an exotic gem, the result is JeGem's stunning collection of artisan labradorite jewelry - undoubtedly one of the most enchanting creations in the world!