Quartz Jewelry
Quartz jewelry is one of the most beloved and mythical types of jewelry on earth. The name quartz comes from the Greek, "krystallos," meaning ice. However, quartz occurs in many different colors and types, the most well known of which include amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, and smoky quartz among others.

In many cultures, quartz jewelry is favored for its special properties, such as enhancing one's spiritual levels as well as bringing feelings of harmony. Quartz jewelry is also said to be very helpful for healing and meditation.

At JeGem, we offer a spectacular range of various kinds of quartz jewelry, including some of the world's most fascinating pieces. Our creative artisans craft each individual gem into various intricate designs and fresh styles to highlight its unique characteristics. No matter what color or type of quartz you prefer, our collection of quartz jewelry is sure to satisfy every taste and desire.