Abalone Jewelry
Quite simply, abalone is one of the most beautiful and brilliant shells in the world. Paua ("pah-wah") is the Maori name given to the abalone from New Zealand whose shells are extremely sought after for their striking green, blue and purple iridescence, making abalone jewelry very exquisite.

Just looking at abalone jewelry can promote feelings of beauty and well-being. Being organic, abalone jewelry represents the sea as well as the tides of emotion, and it is said to create calmness and the ability to develop one's intuition and imagination.

At JeGem, we offer a vast array of genuine abalone (or Paua) jewelry selections in various designs and styles. We select only high quality, intensely colored abalone shells with attractive contours to create our fine abalone jewelry, which you cannot find anywhere else. Its incredibly luminous sheen allows you to look gorgeous at day or night. Choose a piece from our selections, and let it bring every rainbow shade of the living ocean into your life.