Amber Jewelry
One of the most loved gemstones, amber offers humankind a window into the life of the past through the extinct insects and plants preserved in this gem. Dating as far back as 8000 BC, amber was used as a valuable trading commodity and, in ancient Rome, people paid higher prices for small amber amulets than for healthy slaves!

In addition to its aesthetic and financial value, amber jewelry is said to be a natural pain soother with the ability to bring timeless beauty to the wearer. The demand for this alluring gem never dwindles despite the changing tides of time.

At JeGem, our one-of-a-kind amber jewelry glows and allures like no other. We offer wide selections made with the best quality amber at exceptional prices for both women and men. Think of high quality amber jewelry that has been lovingly handmade with extra effort and inspiration; think of JeGem.