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JeGem Premium Handmade Gift Box - Springtime Blossom Edition
Celebrate the season of life, fertility and rejuvenation with our special gift to you, the Premium Handmade Springtime Blossom Gift Box for FREE. This delightful gift box can be yours for FREE with any jewelry order you make from our online store while stocks last.

Individually handcrafted, each gift box is adorned with a colorful bouquet of cherry blossom. Coming into full bloom at the beginning of spring, cherry blossom is not only a visually stunning sight, but for many, it represents the end of winter and the beginning of spring, with all the hopes and joy that comes with it.

Each box also comes with its own elegant fabric pouch for regular jewelry or a soft maroon velvet Gold Saver Pouch for gold jewelry. In addition to being a charming package in which to present your gift, each box also makes an attractive place for storing favorite jewelry items.

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