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Crystal ~ The Lore
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Crystal gemstones are fabulous in their own sparkling way as they capture the light and reflect it as you look into the stone. While crystals are often clear, crystals are also found in a variety of shades that compliment every personality and life achievement.

Crystals are found in various shapes and sizes, from the very small to the very enormous, so this stone is used in many variations of art, decorations and in jewelry.

Through history and the ancient times, the crystal is displayed as one of the most coveted healing stones and it continues to be high demand and use yet still today. Various religions have implemented the use of crystals in their practices, in the adorations, and as a source of protection. Crystals are used to focus during meditation and during prayer.

In other historical moments of time, crystals were placed on the horses and on the tools of war to ward off bad luck and death. Crystals have a force of life and energy that are held within them and released to those who wear them.

Lore of the crystal is the healing and energy powers that the Crystal has. Crystals are used for healing and as a cleansing for the mind, the spirit and for the physical body. The Crystal is often used to give you higher energy levels, to draw others to your energy and to help you use your energy both mentally and physically in a manner most appropriate.

Wearing the Crystal is how the lore of the gem heals the body. The Crystal worn naturally puts your body in motion to heal itself to provoke additional growth of the crystals in your body and the rejuvenation process needed for healing.

Crystals are often used to detect if a poison is present in food. If a Crystal changes in the clarity, or the coloring, there is danger of poison near.  The Crystal changes when near a poisonous food, this provides protection for the wearer of the Crystal. This is often one of the reasons why royalty are seen eating and drinking from crystal glasses and plates.

To give your Crystal additional powers, and to cleanse your Crystals, you should leave them sit in the light of the full moon so that they will provide you with additional healing powers.

Crystals with a blue, gray, or a lavender coloring are the Crystals that are strongest with healing powers for your heart, the throat and for your inner chakra. If you have a problem, sickness or disease of the throat, your immune system or with your thyroid you will find that the blue, gray or lavender Crystal will give you the inner strength to over come these problems.  To ward off future problems and disease wear the blue, gray or lavender crystals for natural  immunity.

Another lore of the crystal is that looking at a blue crystal when the light is shining over the color of the gem, reduces the ongoing need to rely on glasses or future problems with your eyes.

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