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Peridot ~ The Lore
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Peridot is a gem that is found in only a few countries, but surprisingly, is also sometimes found in meteorites. For thousands of years, Peridot has been used as a decoration and as a jewel, but under various names.

The Peridot gem is favorite dynamic choice of Cleopatra and other royalty in the historical times where royalty often worn many jewels. Peridot is a clear but bright colored green or greenish yellow colored gemstone.

Peridot is a gem used most often for the birthstone of both August and September and as a gift for the sixteenth wedding anniversary. Peridot represents the astrological sign of Libra.

The lore of Peridot is the life strength that this stone possesses and presents to the wearer of the stone. Give your body a clear chakra, a clearer path that you can follow and understand in life and an overall strength that will enable you to continue no matter what happens in life.

Lore of Peridot provides you with protection from nightmares, disillusions, and evil spirits. Peridot will ease feelings of anger, depression and fear or jealousy, so that you can lead a more happy and joyful life.

Gems that contain a yellow tinge provide benefits such as, healing of the stomach, liver, and adrenal diseases.

The slightly green yellow gem gives you a better understanding and ability to deal with relationships and to deal with love in your life.

The powerful Peridot stone gives those who wear it a higher sense of success and good luck in their life. While there are many medical benefits of wearing Peridot, it also will provide you with the additional benefits of better sleep habits and a calming over all feeling in life.

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