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Jasper ~ The Lore
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Jasper is a multi-colored quartz gem, but also is found in solid yellow, orange, brown, or green. Jasper is a stone made of organic and mineral oxides which,  mixed together, create the beautiful streaks and rays of color in the stones.  

Thousands of years, ago Jasper was worn by Greeks, Assyrians, Hebrews, and Romans.  Jasper comes from  petrified or silicated soil that dripped into the pockets of molten lava from volcanoes.  From the temperature and pressures of this process, jasper stones formed.

Jasper is used for more than just jewelry because the stone is so hard and dense. Statues and decorative ornaments are made of Jasper because it can be polished into a high gloss.  Jasper gemstones are the birthstone of Virgo, the sun sign,  because of the vibrant colors that the stone gives off. The mysterious looking jasper is the birthstone for the month of October.

Lore has it that yellow jasper can heal stomach problems, clean the intestines, and keep your spleen healthy.  Some believe that the lighter colors in jasper are best used for healing of the body and the mind alike and that the green stones promote healing in the lungs, heart, and supporting tissues.

Many of the darker colors of jasper ward off danger and evil spirits, as well as mental instability or imbalances.  When wearing jasper for the longer periods, it is believed that your sense of smell will increase.

Jasper is also said to promote tissue regeneration from immune problems and bronchial disease. Jasper benefits increase as the gem is worn over long periods.

It is often said that if you are wearing a jasper gemstone, you will have luck in your business deals.  Dalmatian is another type of jasper is which contains a spotted pattern. Lore has it that this stone will aid in memory retention, giving you better psychic abilities. Jasper is also said to lift depression for those who wear it continually.

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