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Garnet ~ The Lore
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Garnets are created under the highest pressures and temperatures, similar to volcanic rock.  Garnets are very dynamic stones.  Used widely in all types of jewelry detail, they are brilliant in color and are abundant in many countries.  No two gemstones are the exact same shade of color.  Garnets with deep, rich, red colors are enchanting, but surprisingly, they are also found in shades of green.

The ancient Greeks used small pieces of garnet to decorate a variety of items.  Garnets were used to fill in the tiniest of details to evoke a look of royalty.

The red color of the garnet is sometimes such a deep shade that it can look almost black when the light is not shining on it in a certain way. Garnet gemstones contain highly concentrated amounts of calcium chromium, aluminum, and iron, and silicate.  It is believed that this combination of elements gives garnet a variety of healing powers. Garnet is thought to promote health, giving skin an added special glow, and to protect from many types of pre-cancerous conditions. Garnet prevents bad dreams and fights depression.  

As the light moves over the stone, the colors of the stone look even more prevalent and beautiful.   Garnet is the birthstone for January and for the astrological sign of Aquarius. Garnet is the traditional gemstone given on both the second and sixth wedding anniversaries.

Garnet lore states that the deep red colors of the garnet bring with it the ability to give confidence and improve decision-making abilities. Garnet is also believed to help remember what happened in past lives, and the ability to attract love from friends, relatives, or lovers.

It is thought that garnet worn around your neck, or as an earring, will help balance anger, depression, and improve self-esteem.  This provides happiness, confidence, and a mental balance that garnet wearers will surely notice.  In ancient times, it was thought that bullets made of the powerful garnet gemstone would kill those who possessed an evil spirit.

Garnets are often given to friends to symbolize affection, and to ensure friends meet again, no matter how long the separation might be.

By Cheryl




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