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Agate ~ The Lore
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Agate is a quartz gem, classified as microcrystalline quartz. Agate comes from silica, which comes from volcanoes. The ash, water, rain, manganese, iron, and other minerals of the earth will form together to create Agate under pressure and heat. Agate was used for thousands of years first as a decoration and then as ornamental jewelry and then much of the healing and lore properties were discovered and used through history. Silica is always predominant in Agate, usually with aluminum and oxide of iron present as well. 

The lore uses of Agate is for promoting a healthy body through healing of the mind and spirit.  Another lore of the Agate gem is that is will keep the person wearing it safe from all types of harm. Agate is a hard gemstone, found in all colors of the rainbow, although green and blue are the more rare shades. Because there are many layers to the Agate stone, various colors can be seen in this gemstone.  Agate is worn to improve memory and concentration, to increase stamina and encourage honest.


Agate lore is that this stone promotes a more accepting overall feeling for life with less stress. There are different types of Agate such as Botswana Agate, Fire Agate, Moss Agate, Blue Lace, Crazy Lace, Iris Agate, Picture Agate, Plume Agate, Silver Agate, Snakeskin Agate and Tree Agate.


Botswana Agate said to be used when your body has been exposed to smoke, promoting healing of your lungs promoting a regeneration of your body and how your body heals is the lore of Botswana Agate


Fire Agate promotes healing of your energy levels, giving you a balance physically in life, promotes many healing properties for your mind and body. Fire Agate gives you power over your sexual health and your sexual life. The lore of sexual health and sexual confidence experienced with Fire Agate is highly beneficial plus you will love the colors of this stone.


Moss Agate gives you healing power over your blood health when dealing with diabetes and thyroid conditions.  Wearing Moss Agate will improve your circulatory health. The lore of promoting a healthy body is the benefits of wearing Moss Agate.


Blue Lace Agate is used to relieve headaches, problems with your heart and to ward off other types of sickness dealing with your heart. Migraine sufferers wearing Blue Lace Agate find great relief able to function better daily. Heat attack sufferers wearing Blue Lace Agate find that the pressure in their chest relieved.


Crazy Lace Agate gives you the power of balancing your mind and your physical being; this gemstone gives you the ability to find happiness and peace in your life mentally with confidence.


Iris Agate is worn and used to help heal wounds from a burn, all types of burns from hot oil, hot water, fire or just heat, Iris Agate is used to promoted healing


Picture Agate when you need to concentrate, and meditate on a problem or a situation or just to clear your mind, Picture Agate worn around your neck or on your body is going to give you the added ability to concentrate and meditate


Plume Agate if you have circulatory problems or problems with your lower body these are more easily healed when wearing Plume Agate gems. Your lower body benefits most while wearing Plume Agate


Silver Leaf Agate lore is to give yourself obedience so you are more able to concentrate on the task. Wearing Silver leaf Agate, you will deal with problems head on. Silver Leaf Agate lore gives you the ability to make the needed decisions when it is most important


Snakeskin Agate lore gives you the ability to balance your mind and your spirit even when you are under great amounts of duress. Snakeskin Agate is a gemstone that allows you to feel better about yourself because your life is more stable and in control


Tree Agate lore is that you will have a better ability to understand and communicate, dealing with problems or stress that is facing you will seem small and easier to handle when you are wearing Tree Agate gemstones


Agate is the gemstone for the 12th year of a wedding marriage

Moss Agate is the gemstone for the 14th year of wedding marriage

Agate is used as a birthstone for the months of both May and June



by Cheryl



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