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Malachite ~ The Lore
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Malachite is found throughout the world.  The best cuts are the ones that include a combination of minerals for the best colors. Malachite is found in a dark green that sometimes appears almost black.  Beautiful are various shades of green stones with light green centers, which is what makes malachite so unique.

Malachite includes copper carbonate which creates those wonderful shades of green.  Malachite was recorded seen as early as 4,000 BC. The healing properties of malachite stem from its higher copper content. Historically the Egyptians used ground malachite for make-up and for protection from evil spirits. 

Malachite is not a gem that is represented in most birthstone lists, but is still suggested as a thirteenth wedding anniversary gift. 

It is also believed that malachite promotes physical health, concentration, and psychic abilities. Lore states that it will heal physical pains from asthma, cancer, and tumors, heal broken bones, and aid in the speedy recovery of torn muscles.

Malachite promotes healing of the stomach, liver, kidney stones, lungs, and immune system. It alleviates the effects from radiation, MS, and improves circulation.

If you are known to spend hours on the computer, or to spend hours watching television, it is believed that wearing malachite will protect your body and your inner energies from the radiation from these devices.  Malachite is believed to improve fidelity, friendship, and loyalty in business, even protecting you during travel.

By Cheryl


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