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Coral ~ The Lore
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Coral is a gemstone created of calcium and calcite combining to create a wide variety of colors. Coral comes from the sea, created by sea life as a reminder of all that lives below the surface of the water.

Coral is one of the most ancient types of jewelry as it can be seen worn through thousands of years of history as necklaces, bracelets, even as hair adornments and pendants. Coral grows in the water in long branch like formations similar to what a tree must be like growing out of the water. Coral can be seen hundreds of thousands of years ago in religious ceremonies and in burials of royalty.

The lore of coral varies with the color of the stone. Red and orange coral gems are known to stimulate your energy and to make your body feel warmer from the inside out.

Red and orange corals are considered to promote fertility and to bring you energy. Red coral gives you an over all more calming feeling but should not be worn if you have high blood pressure, as the effects of red on your body are known to make your blood pressure rise a bit more.

Pink coral lore is that it will bring love to your life, increasing your caring and compassion abilities. The white coral is one of the most sought out, as it will soothe your mind, heal your body and relieve stress from your life. White coral lore is that it will soothe your nerves.

A great lore of the coral is that is has a powerful charm that will stop bleeding, and injuries will heal faster. Coral is believed to ward off hurricanes, evil spirits and to bring good weather.

Black coral lore is that it will ward off evil and negativity in your life. Coral is the birthstone for October and for the astrological sign of Taurus. Coral lore is suggested that it is given as an anniversary present on your 35th anniversary to promote a healthy life and a healthy love life at the same time.

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