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Aquamarine ~ The Lore
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Aquamarine gemstones are one of the most fascinating gems to look at and admire because it is a clear stone but still it has some very light colors in the stone.

The Aquamarine gemstone is most often found in lightest colors of blue green with colors also ranging to a very dark. Most often clear green with just a hint of blue colors or blue with just a hint of green added. The color of the Aquamarine stone will lighten more and more when it is left in the sunlight for extended periods of time.

Aquamarine gemstone lore is that when you are wearing this stone, you will find joy and peace in your life. The lore of Aquamarine gemstones is that the stones are going to promote happiness in your lifetime.

Because this stone has the very qualities of water, the lightest clear colors, it is often associated with the lore of protection for fisherman. Protection for those who voyage or protect the seas is the benefit of wearing the Aquamarine gemstones. The lore of the Aquamarine stone is that it will protect sailors and fisherman from all type of dangers in the water, dangers from above and below the waters.

Aquamarine gems are associated with the month of March. There is also an ancient lore that it is the present that should be given on the sixteenth and the nineteenth anniversaries of marriage.

The power of this wonderful lore is that when the husband gives his wife an Aquamarine gem their love is renewed, strengthened and reunited. Aquamarine gemstones are also worn to promote a healthy and pain free life.

These gems are known to also relieve stress or pains of your neck, jaw, teeth, and other medical problems related to nerves.

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