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Amethyst ~ The Lore
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Amethyst is a quartz stone most often found in shades of purple, lilac and mauve. The shades of this stone will vary, each with an eye-catching gleam of its own.

The deepness of the purple colors often reveal a red or rose-colored flash. Because it has such a deep purple color, amethyst has been worn by royalty for thousands of years.

Often the amethyst has a long pyramid shape. Manganese is the main source of color in amethyst.   Some amounts of iron are also found adding to the healing abilities of this stone.

The historical lore of amethyst says that soldiers wore it to give them courage and victory in battle. In ancient Roman times, those who received amethyst as a gift from a spouse would retain the love of their mate.

Men would wear amethyst often to gain the love and affection of a woman that they treasured most, and then, the amethyst would be given to the woman when they were married.  Amethyst is a suggested gift on the fourth, sixth, and the seventeenth wedding anniversaries for a continued success and love in marriage. 

Ancient Greek lore states that amethyst was worn so that one would not succumb to the effects of drinking alcohol. Amethyst was also believed to treat arthritic pain.  

Some also believe that the stone is worn to make the person who wears it behave in a more gentle and friendly way.  Lore says that amethyst will give you the the power to dream, heal, to obtain mental balance and clarity, while protecting you from the battles in life.  The result is life-long happiness.

Amethyst is also known to give strength to those fighting addictions. 

By Cheryl


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