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Tourmaline ~ The Lore
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Tourmaline is a jewel that is varied in color, from very dark colors, to dark shades of colors with streaks of lighter colors inside of the stone.

When you purchase a gem that is more on the pink side, it has a higher concentration of manganese in the Tourmaline stone. A green, blue or variations between these colors in the stone will have more iron, chromium or vanadium in the Tourmaline stone. Tourmaline also contains aluminum and alkali in each gemstone.

When you first look at Tourmaline stones, you will think that the stone is two different colors but this is the light hitting the most inner portions of the stone. Usually, when you look at it in one direction it can be one color, and when the light reflects at a different angle the stone will reflect another color which is due to their crystal like composition.

Tourmaline stone lore is that they are able to generate electrical charges or currents. Because of the ability to attract electrical currents lore has it that Tourmaline will help those that wear it to attract love.

If it is on your mind that you want to attract love, then you can bring the lore on, by wearing the pink colored Tourmaline gemstones. If you want to attract success, lore has it that you should be wearing green Tourmaline gemstones.

The great lore about Tourmaline is that you are going to attract the love of your life and your friends when wearing Tourmaline.

Tourmaline lore also tells you that you are going to ward off any danger or bad luck that may come your way when you are wearing Tourmaline.

Another lore that is in the history of Tourmaline, is that both men and women find better mental balance when wearing Tourmaline, with the shades of green Tourmaline thought to be the best for balancing your mind. Along this same lore line, artists who want to enhance and clear their creative minds wear Tourmaline.

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