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Carnelian ~ The Lore
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Carnelian reflects various shades of orange and often a hint of red when the light hits it just right.  The colors in carnelian can be of different shades, some appearing very dark from one angle, and light from another. 

Carnelian stones are found and used in various sizes and shapes.  Some are oval, but many are round in shape. Carnelian represents the month of July and is a lucky charm for those under the Virgo astrological sign.

Lore has it that carnelian will show you how and where to find love in your life. It is believed that carnelian will awake your inner passion and desire and allow you to share it with others.

Carnelian was also historically thought to promote energy.  When you are feeling down, fatigued, or overdrawn, the carnelian stone will revitalize you so you can go on with your day.

Hundreds of years ago, the carnelian was worn because it was believed that the stone protected those who wore it from envy, fear, and rage. Many people who were and are still in public positions relied on the carnelian stone to provide them the confidence and energy to perform in public positions. 

Not only does it give energy to those who wear it, but the carnelian is known to relieve fear, anxiety, and stress as well as to relieve depression.  Carnelian stone lore teaches that this stone is used to treat kidney diseases, bladder problems, and gall stones, while also warding off colds and allergy problems at the same time. 

The carnelian is the birthstone for the months of July and August, and is worn by both men and women alike.

By Cheryl

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