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Opal ~ The Lore
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Opal is gemstone that is formed from porous volcanic stones consisting of silicone, oxygen and acids that combines to create the gem. The sizes and shapes of opals vary on the exterior of the rough stone, but inside the rough stone sphere, shaped opal gems are found, in perfect textures and shapes.

The light and intensity of each opal are different, and from various angles you can see different colors and light reflections. Flashing colors when reflecting light from the opal is what this gem is most known for.

The lore of opal is that this stone will make you invisible. While this may be difficult to prove, through ancient times this lore was very prominent.

Another opal lore is that wearers of this stone will have hair of gold. Your hair will not darken when you wear the opal stone.

Ancient opal lore describes that opal stones actually came from lighting strikes to the earth. Opal lore reveals that many feel that this gem can improve insight into the future as well as improve your eyesight when you wear it.

Many also believe in the lore that opal gems will help others see your inner beauty as your patience and confidence is heightening when wearing opal gemstones.

Those that fancy opal gemstones are born in March and October, as opal is the birthstone for those born in either month. Opal lore is that this gemstone will bring out your inner beauty so others can realize your faithfulness, and your natural energy for life.

A white opal lore is that it is to balance the left and right brain functions to alleviate stress in your life.

A black or dark blue opal is one of the strongest opals that will provide you with the highest powers of this stone.

Opals that are more the colors of fire or have a fiery look to them are said to promote love, passion and sexual lures from within.

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