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Moonstone ~ The Lore
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Moonstone has a very shimmering appearance with a reflective soft glow that seems to come from the inner portions of the stone. Moonstone is often found in the form of a cabochon which is polished to allow the true glow and light of the stone to shine.

Moonstone appears in a variety of colors such as white, pink, blue, and yellow.  Some moonstones appear clear with no color.

The lore of moonstone says that it will calm emotions and fears. The calming action of the moonstone is also believed to bring lovers together and to help them see their own future together without the emotional worries of fear and pain.

Some also believe that the calming properties of  moonstone are helpful to women who experience tremendous pain during menstruation, pregnancy, or for women who are having problems conceiving.  Along these same lines, moonstone assists those with stomach or disgestive problems.

Legend says that moonstone gems were born from actual moonbeams. Because a highly polished moonstone was difficult to find hundreds of year ago, the moonbeam stone was considered to be sacred and many believed it would bring good fortune to those who found it.

Moonstone lore says that two people will fall passionately in love when the moon is high and when wearing the moonstone in any form. The moonstone is a gem that is used to represent the water signs of the zodiac.

Moonstone is believed to relieve pain, to sooth and cure illness, and to promote healing, especially in women. Moonstone is used to calm emotions and balance the mind so that worry is no longer a problem, and to give your soul the added balance it needs to remain healthy and strong.

By Cheryl

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