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Turquoise ~ The Lore
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Turquoise is a beautifully greenish colored stone, which is a hydrous copper aluminum sulfate. The stone itself can be shades of light green, hints of bluish green and then there are the deep green colors. You can find the various shades of green Turquoise here at jegem.com. The stones that contain some blue in color contain higher levels of copper and the stone is greener in color is contains more aluminum.

Turquoise has first been seen worn by the Egyptians thousands of years ago somewhere in the years of 6000 BC.  Early history also shows Native Americans and Persians adorned with various colored turquoise.

Turquoise is loved for the lore that it will relax the mind and relieve mental stress or tension.  Turquoise lore is that it is thought to calm stress, emotions and help fight mental instability. 

Turquoise lore reveals that it is worn as a protector against evil.  Natives through history were buried wearing Turquoise because the lore of this gem was to protect those buried from evil spirits and to promote their deliverance, to the after world. Turquoise rings, in particular, are worn to ward off evil spirits and notions of the world.

Turquoise lore is also that when given as a gift, Turquoise will give additional wealth, power and happiness in one’s life.  The gift of Turquoise was also given to many of those people who love horses.  The calming nature of the deep green Turquoise stone allowed the rider to become one with the horse and to promote safety in riding. 
Hunters, that used a bow and arrow, would often put a piece of Turquoise on their bow so that they could hit their targets more often, which is a symbol or lore of how well the calming nature of the Turquoise stone worked. 

The Turquoise bracelet lore that often was seen worn by thousands through history, promoted natural healing is also similar to a modern day lore bracelet of Turquoise that will alleviate arthritic pain because of the unique make up and content in the Turquoise gemstone. 

Turquoise is an official gemstone, a birthstone for the month of December.  Turquoise also is a representation for the astrological signs Aquarius, Taurus, and Sagittarius

The power of the Turquoise stone is to provide money, love, protection from evil and sickness, healing for the mind and body, and luck.  Turquoise lore will relax your mind, and eases mental stress or tension.

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