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Style & Lifestyle
Healing Crystal: Jewel of Perfection
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Ancient people revered healing crystals and believed it to be a heavenly water frozen into ice by the gods. In fact, crystal is derived from the Greek word 'krystalos' meaning 'ice'. Native American tribes and the Aborigines used healing crystal to invoke rain and regarded it as the jewel of perfection.

Revered as a sacred gem, ancients used healing crystal for protection, healing, adornment and even for seeing the future. It was believed that huge healing crystals covered the pyramids of Egypt to increase the attraction of cosmic forces. This belief influenced Ancient Egyptians to wear healing crystals as amulets.

For hundreds of years, crystal pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces have been a great part in women's fashion. Even brides wear healing crystals on their wedding as it symbolizes perfection and happiness in marriage.

The perfect clarity of healing crystal captures light that makes it glitter like a diamond. At JeGem, the expertise of our master artisans in cutting gemstones creates the excellent facets of our healing crystals. The fineness of each facet is hard to attain using machines.

Our healing crystal jewelry doesn't only stand out with its fine facets. The incredible silverworks of its settings make each piece truly exceptional. Our hand cut and filigree healing crystal jewelry are statements of originality and art.

Take advantage of the legendary healing powers of healing crystals while showing off a distinct fashion statement. You will find one-of-a-kind pieces completely handcrafted at JeGem. Get the most dazzling pieces now!

By Mary

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