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Turquoise: Gem of Life
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Turquoise has been a significant part of people's lives over many centuries. The beauty of this gem has surpassed the changing tides of fashion. Despite the many stunning gems newly discovered, turquoise remained the most valuable in the hearts of every jewelry connoisseur.

For thousands of years people especially the ancients wore turquoise as talismans, amulets and healing stone. Legendary kings and pharaohs in history revered and wore turquoise as a symbol of their great sovereignty and high social status.

Turquoise jewelry particularly pendants and necklaces are part of ancient Tibetan's culture. Their daily attire will never be complete without these turquoise jewelry some adorned with coral as they believe it to protect them from danger and evil. It was also believed that Tibetans carry with them these gem all throughout their lives.

Nowadays, jewelry enthusiasts collect turquoise jewelry not just because of its historical value but also because of its distinct beauty. However, one should consider the fine craftsmanship and the exclusivity of each design when buying turquoise whether as a collection item or to complement one's fashion ensemble.

At JeGem, you can find vast array of one-of-a-kind turquoise including purple turquoise jewelry with excellent master artisan craftsmanship at very affordable prices. Your friends will surely envy you with our exceptional designs that are hard to find at commercial jewelry store.

Now, you can own exquisite turquoise jewelry with designs that only you can own in this world. Show off your distinct fashion taste and stand out feeling confident and beautiful with our stunning turquoise jewelry. At JeGem, no two pieces of our jewelry are exactly the same so get your favorites now before they are sold out!

By Mary

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