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Pearl: Queen of the Sea
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Unlike any other gemstones that have to undergo cutting and polishing to reveal its brilliance, pearl is exceptionally valuable being the only gem with natural beauty that comes from living sea creatures, oyster and mollusk. The white radiance of pearl has long been a symbol of purity and innocence.

Believed to be the oldest gem used, the oldest pearl jewelry was known to have been found in the casket of a Persian Princess around 500 BC. Pearl is the favorite gem of the famous Queen Elizabeth I of England. In fact, she wore pearl jewelry to show to the world the unrivalled power and majesty of her kingdom.

Pearl is the perfect embodiment of a woman not just because of its coveted beauty but also because only women are capable of wearing it. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, a woman of strength and wit, evinced the tremendous worth of pearl by drinking wine mixed with her crushed pearl earrings.

The simplicity of pearl is made extra grand and special at JeGem with our one-of-a-kind pearl jewelry created beyond the creative imagination of our skilled master artisans. The luxurious glow of pearl is highlighted in our marcasite pearl jewelry.

The uniqueness of our master artisans' designs and the exclusivity of their craftsmanship make every JeGem pearl jewelry an extraordinary piece that's very hard to find anywhere else. Each piece was lovingly handcrafted to best convey the beauty in every woman.

Indeed, pearl is such a valuable jewel from the sea created by nature to adorn sophisticated women that flaunt with elegance like that of a queen. Be one of them!

By Mary

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