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What You Don't Know About Silver
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It is so amazing how people thousands of years ago gave value and reverence to their jewelry. Every piece of their jewelry has a story to tell. The art of jewelry making was significantly embedded in their culture and way of life. These make the history of jewelry full of interesting accounts.

Silver holds a great part in the fascinating history of jewelry. Ancient people and tribes in the mountain ranges wore silver for protection against illnesses and evil spirits. They regard silver as symbol of wealth and social status. They also trade their products with silver coins to keep their economic stability.

The native's skills of crafting silver jewelry is an expertise handed down from fathers to their sons. Nowadays, only very few artisans possess the same expertise and we are fortunate at JeGem to have with us some of these few master artisans with unsurpassed calibre in creating unique jewelry. The techniques they used in handcrafting our silver jewelry required very good skills considering its intricacy.

Among these painstaking techniques are hand cutting, engraving and enameling. They also handcrafted wired and woven silver jewelry which are not common in the market today. Silver jewelry of the tribes and ancient people were full of symbolic meanings such as dragon, heart and shield. Many of their designs were inspired by nature such as flowers and animals.

Today, with the vast array of commercial items, most jewelry have lost its meaningful value. Not only that, even if one wear an expensive jewelry from prestigious shops, not many can appreciate them as most commercial jewelry regardless of its price have somewhat similar designs.

But at JeGem, the fine and distict craftsmanship of our silver jewelry will draw people's attention on your stunning piece. Nothing compares to the gratification derived from wearing an artisan masterpiece that's one-of-a-kind, a real collection jewel. Have your friends envy you now!

By Mary

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