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Turquoise in the Heart of Tibetan Master Artisans
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In the serene land of the Himalayas lived the Tibetans, a group of indigenous people that played a significant role in the history of arts and crafts. Every work of art made by Tibetan hands would spark intrigue and amazement; each reflecting the soul and heart of the craftsman.

For thousands of years, Tibetan artisans have produced very intricate designs of art masterpieces particularly jewelry. Tibetans regard art as part of their whole being and each masterpiece they create is full of love, meaning and cultural value.

Turquoise and coral are the most revered and highly venerated gemstones among Tibetans. However, turquoise was elaborately embellished in most of their jewelry masterpieces as they believed it to have tremendous protective power and esoteric beauty.

One of the oldest gemstones known, turquoise fascinated the emperors and monarchs in history. This gem was believed to possess immense worth that only those of high rank in the society are capable of owning. It was highly revered not only by Tibetans in the Ancient time but also by Egyptians, Persians and Romans.

Our highly skilled Tibetan master artisans at JeGem painstakingly handcrafted our turquoise Tibetan jewelry with much inspiration from the remarkable artistic heritage of their ancestors. Their reverence for turquoise and love of art have created pieces with extraordinary silverwork and goldwork.

The exclusive craftsmanship of every JeGem turquoise jewelry, the uniqueness of each design and the inherited skills of our artisans from their legendary ancestors make every piece a one-of-a-kind fashion and collection jewel. Own them now before they fall on other's hands!

By Mary

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